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History of

Convergent Engineering

•  1992  Neil Euliano joins the University of Florida Anesthesiology Computer Engineering Team (FACET)                              developing control circuits and algorithms for a transport ventilator.
•  1998  Neil Euliano joins NeuroDimension (ND), a neural network software company, and starts the Biomedical                  Research Division.
•  1999  ND receives NSF grant to study neural network controlled ventilators.
•  2000  ND is granted first patent for intelligent ventilator control system.
•  2002  ND receives NSF grant to study information theoretic (blind source separation) approaches to extracting                fetal heart rate from maternal abdominal electrodes.
•  2002  ND licenses ventilator technology to Respironics and begins long term R&D agreement.
•  2003  ND begins working with UF team that eventually creates xHale Diagnostics. Projects include novel pulse                oximetry signal processing and electronic nose technology.
•  2004  Convergent Engineering formed after Neil Euliano purchases rights to IP and technology from ND.
•  2005  Convergent Engineering begins development of electronic pill technology for medication compliance                      under grant from NSF.
•  2005  Tyco Healthcare licenses fetal monitoring technology from CE. Convergent Engineering signs 3-year                      R&D agreement with Tyco to commercialize technology.
•  2006  Tyco is dismantled and R&D agreement and license for fetal monitoring technology are terminated.
•  2007  Philips Healthcare acquires Respironics and Convergent Engineering technology and R&D agreement
•  2009  CE's Tenth US patent Issued.
•  2009  Convergent Engineering spins off eTect Inc to commercialize electronic pill technology. Convergent                        signs R&D agreement with eTect to help develop technology.
•  2010  Convergent Engineering signs R&D agreement to help xHale Diagnostics commercialize pulse oximetry                  technology.

•  2011  VentAssist decision support technology receives FDA clearance as part of Philips NM3 respiratory                          monitor

•  2012  CE's 20th US patent Issued.
•  2012  Convergent Engineering licenses fetal monitoring IP and technology to new startup OBMedical.                              Convergent signs R&D agreement with OBMedical to help commercialize the technology.
•  2013  Convergent Engineering begins developing non-invasive preeclampsia detection and prediction                            technology under grants from USAID and NIH.
•  2014  CE's 30th US patent Issued.

•  2015  Convergent Engineering's fetal monitoring technology receives FDA clearance as part of OBMedical's                    LaborView fetal monitoring system.

•  2016  eTect is acquired and etectRx formed to commercialize ID-Cap medication compliance system.
•  2018  CE's 40th US patent Issued.
•  2018  Patent technology co-developed by Convergent Engineering purchased during Philips Healthcare                          acquisition of xHale Assurance.
•  2018  Technology and patents created by Convergent Engineering acquired by Philips Healthcare                                    during acquisition of OBMedical.

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